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Your finances and your paycheck are inextricably tied– it’s time to start the financial wellness conversation at work.

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Bringing fintech to new verticals

Betterment has long been known for their retail investment app, but needed to raise awareness for a fast-growing arm of its business: Betterment at Work, a 401(k) provider. In 2021, Betterment’s 401(k) business underwent a period of incredible growth and launched a series of partnership announcements that allowed Mission North to tap into ongoing conversations in the HR space and cement strong relationships with those trades. Simultaneously, the team tapped into ongoing retirement plan policy changes to build relationships between Betterment at Work spokespeople and tier-one policy and personal finance reporters.

Participating in key conversations

The “Great Resignation” of 2021 also gave us the opportunity to cement financial wellness and retirement benefits as a key part of the conversation around employee recruitment and retention, and establish Betterment at Work spokespeople as experts in this space.

Using data for thought leadership

Doubling down on our success in this space, we launched a data study entitled, “The Impact of The Great Resignation on Benefits Needs and Expectations,” further establishing Betterment at Work as a reputable source of data and insights on the role employers can and should be playing in the financial wellness conversation. This data campaign resulted in 23 media hits, and as gated content on Betterment at Work’s website, drove 1,200 sales leads in the first month.


"After working with Mission North for three years to build visibility and thought leadership around their retail platform, Betterment came to us in 2019 for support with raising awareness of their 401(k) business. We were excited to take on the opportunity and expand our relationship with them, especially with such an important service. Since then, Betterment at Work has seen incredible growth and our team has been able to tell stories that directly impact their business. Our survey on the importance of financial wellness benefits amidst the Great Resignation was not only a timely and important topic with the media, but also something where our team could see the impact on the business: the report drove 1,200+ leads to the Betterment at Work team.”

Danny Casarella

Account Director, Mission North

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