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How $50 million in seed funding could change the startup world


Future of Work

Launching from Stealth

DevRev is building a dev-centric CRM platform that brings developers out of the back office and puts them in the driver’s seat. By removing barriers between developers (devs) and customer (revenue/”rev”), the company aims to fuel the next generation of developer-entrepreneurs and companies driven by product-led growth. 


DevRev has a big idea and lots of seed funding, not to mention a top-notch founding team that includes the former CEO of Nutanix. Investors include the best of the best, like Khosla and Mayfield. But its product is forthcoming and, before our launch on July 14, the company was basically in stealth mode.

Within just 6 weeks, we developed messaging, created the narrative, designed the launch strategy, and introduced DevRev to the media. 


We focused on what we knew would make the media pay attention: the people behind the idea. $50 million isn’t big money in funding these days, but it is at the seed level. 

So, the confidence of the founding team and its investors, not to mention the serious street cred both bring to the table, drove our media pitching and storytelling strategies.


We secured launch coverage from Business Insider, ZDNet (syndicated to ZDNet Japan and other affiliated sites), TechCrunch, Blocks and Files, CRN, and several other tech-centric outlets that are critical to the DevRev core audience. Local hits included Austin Business Journal, a key recruiting location for the growing startup. 

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