<case-study-stat>3.5<case-study-stat> million impressions

<case-study-stat>81<case-study-stat> media hits

<case-study-stat>140<case-study-stat> leads over the course of 6 months

Element Biosciences


Element Biosciences is a multi-disciplinary life science company currently focused on developing disruptive DNA sequencing technology for research and diagnostic markets. The Element AVITI™ System is a benchtop DNA sequencer with unprecedented performance, cost, and flexibility.


Building an Integrated Marketing Funnel for an Industry Challenger


Element launched their new genetic sequencing platform, the AVITI, at an industry conference to much fanfare in the media. However, awareness and excitement for a new player in the industry wasn’t translating into success against a key business objective: lead generation. We needed to expand tools and tactics to make our strategy more effective.


As we continued to increase top-of-the-funnel awareness via announcements and competitor news-jacking in the media, we simultaneously launched a cross-channel, paid digital campaign that focused on moving the most lucrative audiences down the funnel.


  • On Google: we targeted warm audiences by putting the brand at the top of their search results, and integrated this experience with retargeted branded ads where they consumed their online news; 
  • On Twitter: we targeted and inserted the brand into relevant conversations our key audiences were already having;
  • On LinkedIn: we moved key audiences from awareness to conversion, first capturing them, then retargeting promotions to them with funnel-appropriate branded content along the way


Mission North connected top-of-the-funnel awareness to a targeted campaign to generate leads their sales team could pursue. Our integrated campaign drove 3.5 million impressions, 22,000 clicks to Element’s website, and most importantly, 140 leads over the course of 6 months for less than $50,000. It was enhanced by an earned media engine that simultaneously landed 81 articles and media mentions of the company, generating more than one billion total impressions.

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