ezCater is a platform that was purpose-built for food for work. Through their business-grade platform, ezCater partners with over 100,000 restaurants nationwide to feed workplaces of all kinds, including large and small offices, hospitals, distribution centers, sports teams, and more. Companies can manage all their food ordering, payments, budgeting, and reporting in one simple, customizable platform, with 24/7 customer service.


How food is influencing the Future of Work


ezCater is a large, nationwide brand. However, the company was eager to break into broader trends happening in the Future of Work. We also had a goal to build more relationships with national business media. Fast-moving changes around the return to in-person work, inflation, and the job market meant we needed to carve out an adaptable role for ezCater in the conversation.


We needed to find a concrete way to tie ezCater directly to the trends impacting today’s workforce, highlighting their value to the industry and reaching beyond catering. We developed a data campaign that surveyed 1,000 workers across the U.S. in a variety of industries. The results uncovered valuable insights showing the impact of food on workday productivity, its influence on employee engagement, and ways businesses could use the lunch hour to bring teams together. 

For example, the data uncovered that 1 in 10 American workers NEVER takes a lunch break away from their desk, despite nearly 8 in 10 saying a break improves their productivity. Nearly a quarter of workers also reported that they would return to the office full-time if free, catered lunches were available. Moreover, the data uncovered compelling generational differences in lunch break habits showing that 1 in 4 Gen Z employees worry that lunch makes them look bad at work.


We issued The Lunch Report as a downloadable takeaway in July 2022. We also enlisted Chief Demand Officer Diane Swint and Chief People & Culture Officer Janine Allo to act as spokespeople, given their first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing ezCater’s customers and the modern-day workforce.

In pitching the report out, we secured numerous top-tier national and workplace-focused stories within the first weeks alone  — including CNBC, Forbes, Fox Business, WorkLife, and HR Dive

Importantly, the narratives linked ezCater squarely to the business-level conversations happening right now about how to recruit and retain employees and how to “earn workers’ commutes” into the office. 

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