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Putting synthetic biology on the map


Ginkgo Bioworks operates the world’s first platform for cell programming, allowing customers to program cells as easily as other companies program computers, and enabling established and diverse markets to tap into the power of synthetic biology to grow more sustainable, economical, and effective products.

Length of partnership

Since 2016

Why you should care

Synthetic biology has the potential to solve society’s greatest problem—how we make everything from food to clothing to critical medicines.

Life Sciences


Putting synthetic biology on the map

Telling the Ginkgo story

At the start of Ginkgo’s partnership with Mission North, it was clear that explaining synthetic biology to general audiences would be one challenge - but explaining the Ginkgo business model would be an entirely different obstacle.

Mission North has helped Ginkgo evolve its corporate narrative and audience-tailored messaging to help media, the general public, and potential partners understand how Ginkgo operates - as a platform, not a product, company - and the innovation it enables. Five years on, we’ve helped to demystify and build awareness for the potential of synthetic biology.


Spotlighting pandemic response

As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly unfolded in the U.S. and the need for improved testing in businesses and schools became increasingly evident, Ginkgo launched Concentric, an end-to-end, on-site testing service. Coming just a few months after Ginkgo announced a $25 million commitment to helping partners develop pandemic solutions, such as Moderna’s COVID vaccine, this announcement would play a key role in solidifying Ginkgo’s leadership in fighting the virus.

Since Concentric’s launch, Mission North has developed and executed a broadcast-heavy media strategy that leverages national and local news to ensure we’re reaching the biggest and broadest audience possible.


Taking synbio public

In 2021, Ginkgo announced it would go public via SPAC - in the midst of an industry-wide reappraisal of SPACs. Mission North was tasked with continuing to build excitement for this milestone and what it meant for the synthetic biology industry, while avoiding controversy during this time. Through a months-long multichannel campaign, we were able to tell the business story and differentiate Ginkgo from other companies embroiled in SPAC-related scandals. The initial SPAC story launched with Bloomberg and resulted in 56 unique articles, and at listing, the stock immediately reached an all-time high, confirming the importance of Ginkgo to the growing field of synthetic biology.



“What excites us most at Mission North is the opportunity to be a part of the science and tech innovation that is transforming our everyday lives. We see synthetic biology as an essential tool in that transformation. Through our long-standing partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks, we get to tell stories about how this powerful technology can solve the world’s most urgent problems - our food supply, treating disease, climate change, and so much more. We are thrilled to be at the center of this life-changing work.”

Tyler Perry

Co-CEO, Mission North

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