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Series C Funding and State of the Manager Report

Humu is an HR software platform that uses AI-driven nudges to make it easy for organizations to improve team morale, engagement, and performance. By providing employees with nudges—science-backed recommendations that are personalized for each individual—Humu makes it easy for entire companies to build better habits and ways of working together. Humu helps teams take action on what matters most to the organization, ensures that everyone stays on track and continues to improve, and gives leaders insight into the direct impact of these efforts. 


Mission North began working with Humu in May of 2021. While the company is founded and led by Laszlo Bock, the well-known former SVP of People Ops at Google, the Humu brand was relatively nascent.  The company wanted to be seen as a thought leader in the future of work space — specifically around manager effectiveness in an ever-changing world. 


In order for Humu to be seen as a leader in moving the management conversation forward, we tapped into their people science team. We wanted to showcase the technical prowess of the platform, while also highlighting that all data and science was supported by a more human element. Together, we developed a data report on the state of the manager, exploring what it means to manage in year 3 of the pandemic and with myriad different office settings and work dynamics.

To create a timely hook, we recommended pairing their Series C funding round with the launch of the report. The Series C announcement provided Humu the credibility of growth and established leadership. 


Mission North leveraged the report to secure 36 unique articles including features in Fortune, Forbes and Venture Capital Journal. These stories resulted in 24 syndications, reaching a collective audience of 306.5 million and increasing Humu’s website traffic by 25%.

The content from the survey continues to bear fruit, with inbound requests from media outlets like Quartz, The Financial Times and Bloomberg.  Most importantly, Humu is now viewed as a resource on manager effectiveness and the future of work.

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