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Kiva is a non-profit organization on a mission to expand financial access to individuals, businesses and communities without traditional access to capital.


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Helping Kiva Connect With the Next Generation of Changemakers on TikTok


Kiva, one of the originators of peer to peer lending, needed to meet the next generation of changemakers where they were with content that would educate, inspire and build a connection. When Kiva launched in the early 2000s, its user base was overwhelmingly Gen X and Millennials, and the traditional channels and content that had helped it connect with these groups did not work for the Gen Z users it now wanted to attract. For Kiva, TikTok was an untapped opportunity to reach this younger, social impact-oriented generation, but as a mission-driven non-profit, it needed to be mindful of the budget and resources it put toward experimenting with the platform.


Working closely with Kiva’s social team, Mission North converted Kiva’s existing bank of rich storytelling video content from its blog, newsletters, and other social platforms into a more snackable format optimized for the TikTok algorithm. Mission North was involved in every element of the launch – from securing their handle and account setup, to the development of four key messaging pillars (borrower storytelling, company culture, educational content, and moments and milestones) and ensuring that every post (even a dancing cat video!) connected to the organization’s mission and objectives. We launched the brand’s first TikTok account the day before their annual day of giving event, #GivingTuesday, to capitalize on the trend and cement Kiva’s position as a mission-focused non-profit. To take advantage of the TikTok algorithm and ensure Kiva’s content reached the right people, we launched a small-scale, paid follower growth campaign on a budget of just $300 to target those aged 18 to 34. 


In just four months, we grew Kiva’s follower base from zero to 1,000+ followers, drove over 6,000 impressions, generated over 1,500 engagements and maintained an average channel engagement rate of 25% (over 6x higher than the channel average) from viewers aged 18 to 34. For paid, the average Cost Per Follower ($0.49) was less than half  the channel average of $1+. Kiva’s month-over-month follower growth average was 12.6% (6x higher than the channel average of 2%).

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