Recorded Future


Grooming a Media Darling



Grooming a Media Darling

Recorded Future is one of the world’s largest providers of intelligence for enterprise security. By combining persistent and pervasive automated data collection and analytics with human analysis, Recorded Future delivers intelligence that is timely, accurate, and actionable. 


  • Make niche cybersecurity firm top of mind for reporters in the crowded market


  • Became valued and trusted sources for some of the most influential breaking news and national security reporters in the industry
  • Lean on the research team and their insight into highly sensitive, sometimes politically charged data and findings to build credibility with reporters
  • Create personas around each researcher based on their background and expertise


  • Researchers became a regular, go-to source for reporters at outlets such as Associated Press, The New York Times, CNBC, Reuters, Washington Post, Vice, and more
  • Average quarterly coverage increased nearly 5,000% over 10 quarters
  • Company acquired at $780M valuation by Insight Venture Partners after two years working with Mission North

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