<case-study-stat>7.7<case-study-stat>million A18+ impressions from kiosk ads over three week run period

<case-study-stat>1.2<case-study-stat>million total digital ad impressions

<case-study-stat>62K<case-study-stat> impressions via LinkedIn awareness campaign



ShapeTX is a programmable medicine company using AI and RNA to end genetic diseases.


Building ShapeTX’s Brand Awareness at a Crowded Industry Event


ShapeTX wanted to make the most of the 2023 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference – a premier biotech industry event where hundreds of companies vie for potential customer and investor attention in the span of one week. ShapeTX, which had already secured a speaking slot, tasked Mission North with breaking through at a crowded, noisy event with activations that would drive brand curiosity and awareness among the 15,000 JPM attendees that would be populating the San Francisco Union Square area. Standing out would require a blend of creativity, insights and strategy.


Mission North developed a fully integrated campaign strategy, including a number of paid media activations that would elevate and amplify ShapeTX’s presence both inside and outside the conference venue.The Mission North team focused on tactics that would be most impactful and draw the most attention in the shortest period of time. Keeping conference audiences and objectives in mind, the ShapeTX and Mission North team pursued out-of-home kiosk advertising within the Union Square area, geotargeted digital programmatic display and native advertising, and boosted paid LinkedIn posts to support business development efforts. Mission North’s creative team designed all assets for the campaign, including three kiosk creatives and three additional digital assets, while our digital team drafted compelling ad copy and worked with advertising vendors to place the assets.


The kiosk ads resulted in 7.7 million A18+ impressions over the three weeks of runtime and ShapeTX’s CEO reported receiving a number of positive inquiries related to the ads. On the digital side, the programmatic ads yielded 842 clicks to the website and 1.2M total impressions in just four days of runtime, with the LinkedIn awareness campaign generating an additional 61,632 impressions. The ShapeTX team found these results so valuable that they had Mission North begin planning for 2024’s activations as soon as JPM 2023 wrapped.

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