Reaching new heights post-IPO


Tenable helps organizations around the world understand and reduce cyber risk. As the creator of Nessus, the most widely used cybersecurity scanner, Tenable has extended its expertise in vulnerabilities to help see and secure any digital asset on any computing platform.

Length of partnership

Since 2017

Why you should care

Tenable is saving businesses valuable resources by reducing their cyber risk, and we’re proud to amplify the leadership and innovation they contribute to the cybersecurity industry on a regular basis.


Maintaining Share of Voice Between News Moments

Strategizing for IPO Success

To validate Tenable’s position as a market maker and innovator despite an overhyped and oversaturated cybersecurity market, Mission North designed a 9-month PR strategy to showcase Tenable’s innovation and financial and customer growth leading up to the IPO. Our strategy consisted of targeting company and executive profile stories, showcasing financial transparency that reflected Tenable’s business growth and momentum; building relationships with financial reporters; and increasing the volume of news announcements, speaking and awards. 

Mission North secured 100+ unique articles and broadcast hits around the IPO, including Fortune, CNBC, Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal.

Elevating the Brand Post-IPO

Since going public in 2018, the company has burgeoned into one of the most reputable and respected brands in the security industry. 2021 saw the company’s highest-ever media coverage total, and a 37% increase over 2020. The team saw success with rapid response, which drove 52% of all tier-1 coverage; original research; 10 broadcast segments; strong thought leadership from seasoned executives getting picked up in outlets like NYT, Bloomberg and Washington Post; and regular corporate news including four acquisitions that served as proof points for the company’s continued growth.



“From the top down, the Tenable team is deeply committed to PR, and our strong partnership is what allows us to run such a successful program. Their executives and researchers are authentic and helpful, and walk the talk when it comes to their advice for the security community. It’s a rewarding experience to be in lockstep when it comes to breaking news and proactive media strategies, and this collaborative, one-team-one-dream dynamic is what makes working with Tenable so fun and rewarding.”

Jessie Birkhofer

Trust practice lead, Mission North

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