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From upstart to industry leader


ThoughtSpot is the modern analytics cloud company that is democratizing data access through an intuitive search-like interface.

Length of partnership

Since Fall of 2017

How this impacts people

AI-driven analytics closes the gap between data haves and have nots.

Future of Work

Leading the Evolution of a $189 Billion Market

Navigating a funding round and leadership transition

In 2018, we secured coverage in the Wall Street Journal and other major outlets for a major funding round and a leadership transition that helped to set the company up for the next phase of its growth. We have since placed thought leadership for the CEO in Fast Company, HBR, TechCrunch and other top outlets that explain his vision for ThoughtSpot and establish him as a key player driving his industry.


Demonstrating an urgent need at a critical time

In 2020, as the pandemic took hold, ThoughtSpot wanted to show the essential role its product can play in helping businesses thrive amid disruption. To achieve this, we secured an incredible profile of Canadian Tire Corporation in the Wall Street Journal, which followed a customer story about Fannie Mae in the same publication a year earlier. 


Celebrating a surge in valuation

In 2021, ThoughtSpot raised $100 million at a valuation of $4.2 billion, more than twice its valuation of two years earlier. Among the significant coverage we secured, Forbes highlighted ThoughtSpot’s rapid growth, increased valuation and the completion of its transition to a pure-play cloud company.



“Not every CEO is comfortable with thought leadership, but Sudheesh Nair is a natural who is full of original ideas about leadership and his industry.”

James Niccolai

VP of Media and Content Strategy at Mission North

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