Charting Progress: Our First Annual Social Impact Report

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Our mission at Mission North is to make a positive impact through our work, culture and community investments. To measure progress against our social impact commitments and establish benchmarks for our evolution, we’ve created Mission North’s first annual Social Impact Report. The report highlights our core programs and the milestones we achieved in 2021.

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In the wake of a years-long pandemic, persistent social inequities and ongoing unrest around the world, it has never been more important to drive positive social change as individuals and as a collective. This belief aligns with our core values at Mission North, as we strive to move with purpose, do the right thing and invest in the well-being of our people.

Our goals for documenting this work and publishing the report are three-fold:

  1. to hold ourselves accountable for fostering a culture of belonging, corporate philanthropy and volunteerism at Mission North;
  2. to attract and retain people committed to making a positive impact within our industry and the communities in which we live; and
  3. to inform and inspire the social impact work led by our industry peers and clients.

Among the new social impact initiatives we launched and the milestones we accomplished last year, we’re proudest of the following:

  • We surpassed $1 million in support for community-based nonprofits via employee-directed grants and pro bono services since launching E3thos, our corporate social responsibility program, five years ago.
  • We developed The Future Is… Fellowship, an annual fellowship and scholarship program. This year we focus on BIPOC women in college interested in technology and science communications, providing mentorship, a $15,000 scholarship, a four-week remote internship and a $5,000 stipend.
  • We committed more than 600 paid volunteer hours to organizations in our local communities, including the San Francisco Education Fund and Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City.
  • We delivered more than $100,000 in pro bono services to Technovation, the Fintech Equality Coalition and
  • We continued our deep work to make Mission North a more diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace through internal initiatives and training led by outside experts. While this will always be work in progress, we’re encouraged that the vast majority of our team—90%—believe Mission North welcomes diversity.
  • Finally, we made a positive impact through our work advising and telling stories for clients including Enko Chem, Ecovative, Google Sustainability, UKG and UPSIDE Foods.

These examples represent a fraction of our journey to be always learning, experimenting and improving when it comes to making a positive social impact. We’re encouraged by our progress but we also recognize this is just the beginning. Let’s move forward together!

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