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Elinor Mills

Senior Vice President, Content Studio & Media Strategy

Elinor MillsElinor Mills

Elinor Mills is Senior Vice President of Content and Media Strategy at Mission North. Elinor got a master’s degree in journalism and worked as a professional reporter and editor for more than two decades at the Associated Press, Reuters, IDG, The Industry Standard and CNET/CBS Interactive. In 2012, she joined Mission North to launch the Content Studio, which now includes a team of full-time writers and content strategists who are embedded in accounts across the agency. In addition to overseeing thought leadership efforts for clients, Elinor leads media training sessions and serves as general BS detector for editorial content creation and media outreach campaigns. She also co-leads the Trust Practice, which feeds the passion for all things cybersecurity she's had since she covered her first Def Con in the mid-90s.



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