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Jessie Birkhofer

Vice President

Jessie BirkhoferJessie Birkhofer

Jessie co-leads Mission North’s Trust practice, overseeing the success and happiness of our cybersecurity client portfolio, and is also embedded across our Future Stack practice. Every day, Jessie aims to operate at her highest potential and to enable others to operate at theirs. She brings a high level of thoughtfulness and dedication to her day to day, pouring every last ounce of energy into her work and teams and never settling for an average outcome.

Jessie has a knack for thinking around corners and solving problems. When a wrench is thrown, she devises a solution without skipping a beat and is the voice of reason guiding a sound strategy. Across her teams, Jessie leads PR and media strategies, messaging and positioning, executive coaching, and content approaches. She keeps accounts running smoothly and orchestrates big wins, letting nothing slip through the cracks and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to new opportunities for her clients.




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