From Vision to Impact: Mission North’s Third Annual Social Impact Report

As an agency, our north star is making a positive impact through our work, culture and community investments; and this is what guides our day-to-day work here at Mission North.

To measure and reflect on our impact, we’re proud to share our third annual Social Impact Report. By publishing it, we hope to:

  • ‍Foster a culture of belonging, corporate philanthropy, and volunteerism.
  • Attract and retain people committed to making a positive impact within our industry and the communities in which we live.
  • Inspire industry peers and clients to grow their social impact.
<split-lines>"As an agency, our north star is making a positive impact through our work, culture and community investments."<split-lines>

Mission North celebrated a number of accomplishments in 2023, but a few stand out:

  • We officially launched our “Foster the Future” industry initiative, partnering with three other PR agencies to offer fellowships to diverse college students considering a public relations track. We expanded our offerings and more than doubled the program’s agency participants throughout the year, with nine now involved.
  • We deepened Mission North’s impact in our local communities by investing more than $120,000 in employee-directed grants to local nonprofits and volunteering for a collective 912 hours.
  • We achieved a 92% score of Mission Northers feeling connected to our work, culture and community investments. 
  • We raised over $3,000 for the Mission North Fund—which helps our employees who need immediate assistance with urgent financial issues—via our inaugural Silent Auction.
  • Our Sponsorship program, which provides a path to accelerate career paths for mid-level leaders from underrepresented backgrounds, completed its first year.

We are especially proud that while some of these are new programs, many reflect years of planning, thoughtful experimentation and expansion. In other words: the process of turning ideas into impact. Our 2024 social impact work is already off to an inspiring start, and there’s much more to come.

Be sure to review the full report, included within this blog post. And for more information about Social Impact within our agency, click here.

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