Mission Landed: Say Hello to the New Digital Face of Mission North

In February 2020 we launched a new brand identity and narrative around our agency Mission North. In hindsight, early 2020 was the perfect time to revisit our company values in the wake of a pandemic that separated us but then has led to a stronger hybrid workforce of over 100 Mission Northers. Through uncertain times and then an ongoing period of extreme growth, we have weathered a lot together. We stuck by each other and we stayed invested in our client opportunities and in taking on new and exhilarating challenges.

Today, we’re excited to unveil a new look, which was built from the ground up to help us more effectively showcase our clients and our campaigns. Ultimately, we want the new Mission North website to focus on the three things that matter the most to us: Our team, our clients, and the work of which we’re so very proud. As the head of our client experience and brand team, this new website is a labor of love.

So, how do you capture your agency’s secret special sauce within a new website?

Talking about agency differentiation can be tough, so, with our new online presence, we let our culture and our work speak for themselves. The site also highlights the important things we do here, not only for our talented staff but also in how we give back to underrepresented communities.  

To build a site to communicate the Mission North difference, we have leaned into our name and called out our different missions: Our client missions, our talent brand, and our E3thos mission to take two percent of our agency profit and share it with organizations that need the assistance. Each page on our website focuses on one of these important brand tenets and highlights the talent and expertise that make us stand out from our agency peers. 

Our clients are tackling more social and economic challenges than ever before. Whether it’s the market or supply chain complexities or labor inequities or the dynamic shift in how the media is covering news, we are passionate experts committed to helping our clients breakthrough and reach important audiences across the channels that have the most impact on their business outcomes. 

I’m really proud of what our team has delivered today. Our brand team is a creative and diligent bunch and deserves a lot of recognition—Bill Bourdon, China Martens, Laura Wetzel, Kara Yacovone, Christy Jiang—not to mention our fearless art director, Yuliya Kim. Our new website is a testament to our commitment to our clients and our gratitude for their trust and retention in return.  With the help of our long-time partner, OneNet, we are helping to showcase:

  • How Canva is empowering everyone in the world to design anything. 
  • How Google has focused on creating safer online experiences for our children. 
  • Where Betterment, Gemini and Morty are leading the future of financial wellness.
  • Where Ginkgo Bioworks, UPSIDE and Toast are establishing the underlying systems for our future.
  • And, most importantly, how our culture maintains 85% retention YOY building the next generation of marketing leaders. 

Every day we are juggling major business issues and opportunities that are client-facing. From launching and then fleshing out a vision to identifying and then building a new category, clients are looking to us to create work that will impact their businesses positively, while also helping them to prepare for the way ahead. 

In curating our latest case studies, it was clear that our brand reputation is founded on a combination of delivering results, confidence and commitment.  Whether we’re securing market leadership for clients, helping them to transform through thought leadership or to build brand trust, we’re truly fortunate in our Mission North employees and in our partners from our clients to our media contacts.

In the end, as for all agencies, we are nothing without our talented teams and dedicated operations divisions. Our new site captures the essence of how our most important mission is leading with positive intent and transparency. For example, to really test our ongoing cultural identity, we have put in place a belonging score that we track bi-annually. This score gives us a pulse on what’s working well and where we can and need to do better. And we are listening and seeing how diverse and authentic our teams are, and where we can continue to test ourselves as a company. 

When we pushed the ‘go’ button last night on our new website, it felt like two-plus years later, our mission has truly landed. Say hello to the new digital face of Mission North!

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